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From The Office Of TC Bradley:

I almost did not publish this book.

I wrote it but when it came to publishing the book, I had a little fat man sitting on my shoulder whispering in my ear “You really don’t want to publish this book do you?"

After all, a book on “Supernatural Success” should have some “Supernatural Success” by those that read it…what if people read your book and no one likes it or worse yet, no one has “Supernatural Success?”

That little fat man had a point, I was taking a huge risk in publishing this book, after all, a tree is known by the fruit it bears right?

I really don’t think that little fat man on my shoulder only messes with me.

I think he works over those that GOD’S people pretty good, especially when they start to activate their God-given dreams.

I hit the publish button that day and my life has never been the same.

Within 45 days of publishing this book, I signed a major TV deal to appear on a nationally syndicated TV show...but wait, it gets better! 

Within a year after that, I signed another TV deal to host my own nationally syndicated TV show “God Made Millionaire TV with TC Bradley” that airs in 200 Nations and 93 million homes each Sunday on the Word Network, following The TD Jakes Show.
This would have NEVER happened if I listened to that little fat man that day and talk me out of my God given dream.

I think we allow that little fat man to talk us out of our GOD-given dreams more than we care to admit.

Readers have also experienced “Supernatural Success” after reading this book.

There is a businessman who generated over 300k CASH into his business account within 45 days of reading this book.

Then there is the single Mom whose Dad bought her this book and sent it to her on her birthday who generated 10k in the month of December.

Of course, you can read all of the Amazon reviews as well, but let’s just say that the little fat man was wrong.

Your life can be touched, moved, and inspired and bank accounts can be transformed if you learn the Spiritual Laws that lead to Supernatural Success!

I have often wondered if they could experience that level of "Supernatural Success" just by reading the book, what could happen if someone actually went through a POWERFUL video masterclass where I really explained these teachings?

Well, the wait is over.                                      

Introducing: The Supernatural Success Masterclass! 

Inside this Powerful Supernatural Success Masterclass, you will find 10 video modules that discuss in detail:

•How I was able to place an ad in the USA Today on a Christmas day and signed up the gentleman who would become the #1 income earner in that direct marketing business.

•How I was able to build a multi-million-dollar company within 6 months, only to lose it to a bad partnership, and then completely recover within 2 years.

•How I was able to sell over a million dollars of product with his first website, and within 2 years beat Oprah in website traffic, knowing extraordinarily little about the internet and with a $1,500 a month marketing budget.

•How a friend used a spiritual law to increase his network marketing income to over 100k a month within 6-9 months.

•The life-altering spiritual law that propelled a single mom from barely surviving to owning her own waterfront resort, and massive success.

•How that the first book that I ever wrote hit the Best Seller list, beating out notable names like Joel Osteen and TD Jakes for a day or two on the Amazon Best Seller list.

We have had so many testimonies from people that read the book, that I have often wondered what would happen if I spent my time, doing a Masterclass on these "Supernatural Success" principles that work with 100% certainty.    

One of the testimonies about my "Supernatural Success" book is that people actually read the book, not only once, but several times.

As you know, most people in today's world actually will finish a book, let alone read it several times.

My goal for this  video masterclass is no different.

I want you to actually go thru this masterclass, not once, but several times.

I want you to come up to me one day at one of our workshops, or one day in person when you are my guest on my nationally television show, with tears in your eyes because of the breakthroughs you experienced going thru this  Supernatural Success Masterclass.

I do believe that you are really are 1 instruction away from changing your life forever.

The Investment:

Most programs of this caliber are selling for $2k

That seems to be the sweet spot on pricing.

Based soley on the results people have received by just reading the book, $2k would be more than fair for such a program.

But I am not going to charge you $2,000

As a matter of fact, I am not even going to charge you $1,000, which would be 50 % off.
This program should not priced lower than $997 and perhaps, very soon, I will come to my senses and price this program accordingly.

But if you have not noticed, we are in the midst of a global pandemic.

More people are hurting financially than ever before.

More people are suffering financial trauma that have never suffered it before.

Yet, these Supernatural Success laws work in any economy.

Yes, they are that powerful.

So instead of charging you $2,000, which I easily could, or charging you 50% off of that price  of $997, I am going to do something extra special to get this information into the hands of as many people as possible.  

For now, I am pricing the Supernatural Success Video Masterclass at only $497 but this will only be for a very short time.  

So for a one time investment of $497, you will be able to access The POWERFUL Supernatural Success Video Masterclass.

The bottom line: Anyone that can afford a cup of coffee at Starbucks or an internet connection, can afford this powerful program. 

Please note, I will be adjusting the price upwards to the regular pricing of $997 which I think and my advisors have STRONGLY recomended that I do as soon as possible....but for now, you can enjoy a substantial 50% savings off of what the retail price of the program will be.

As a Special Bonus, I am releasing the full unedited national television interview that I did 45 days after publishing 
"Supernatural Success"

I have NEVER released this footage, until now...while I am sure you can find the edited interview on the internet, this is the complete UNCENSORED version, which has NEVER been released to the public before.

I have kept it under lock and key waiting for this moment.

It is very significant with what I teach in these video modules and now that you know the back story will make even a bigger impact on your life.

We actually recorded 53:05 minutes and only used around 20 minutes for the show.

It is pure gold.

At this time, it is time for you to make a decision.

Even a non-decision is still a decision.

Wealth is and always has been attracted to speed.


Because the longer we take to make the decision, the more likely we are to talk ourself out of making the decision that literally could alter our destiny forever.

I know that I almost allowed that fat man on my shoulder to talk me out of publishing my "Supernatural Success"book.

I came really close to not publishing it at all, so if it can happen to me, it probably happens to you.

As a matter of fact, he is probably up on your shoulder whispereing right now in your ear..."You don't want to take that masterclass"

While at the same time, this has so resonated with your spirt, that you are KNOW that you are supposed to take this masterclass.         
Personally if you have made it this far, then you are here by divine appointment.

I do not believe you are here by random coincidence.

I believe in you and I believe that there is a reason that our God gave you the assignment that he did.

He KNEW you would see it through, no matter what.

This is your moment.

This is YOUR season!

You were built for this.

TC Bradley 

       Terms And Conditions:

Please Note: All of my digital products and coaching programs are non-refundable.

I do not hide this fact in my small print.

I have a lifetime legacy of delivering POWERFUL books, training programs, and publishing and media services, that have had a HUGE impact on so many lives.  

If a refund policy is important to you, then please do not order this program.

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