god Made Millionaire Dream Activation Telephone Coaching Calls with TC Bradley

"I Can Do More One On One With Someone On The Phone In Only 60 Minutes Than Most Others Can Do With A High-Priced 1-year Group Coaching Program...It's Not Even Close."

Stephen J. Young, Best Selling Author And 
Million Dollar Closer

From The Desk of TC Bradley

If you are one of the 1,000 God Made Millionaires that I speak about in my books and nationally syndicated television show, then this powerful dream activation program  is for you.

After I published my God Made Millionaire book, and before I had a nationally syndicated televsion show, a man of God shared with me that God was going to raise up over 1,000 God Made Millionaires through the God Made Millionaire message that I was talking about.

I received that with a grain of salt as who wouldn't want that to be a part of their legacy?

But it was a bit much for my mind to fully grasp, so I put it on the shelf.

I have longed decreed that our generation was going to bear witness to the GREATEST transfer of wealth any generation has expereinced.

Well, 1,000 God Made Millionaires would mean over a BILLION dollars shifting into the hands of Gods people.

But still I did nothing with it until I had an opportunity to launch "God Made Millionaire TV" and another Man of God approached me and said, "TC God told me to  tell you that 1,000 God Made Millionaires are going to be raised up with what you are doing with God Made Millionaire, probably more than 1,000, but certainly no less."   

God had my full attention now.

2 Different Men of God, The Exact Same Prophecy.

I am very clear that my assignment is to inspire Gods people to activate their God given dreams, but much greater than that, my assignment is to simply to get you to believe, in yourself, and your God given dream.

I mean if you stop believing in your God given dream, how are you supposed to activate your God given dream then? 

I believe that our God gave you that  dream for a reason.... He knew that you would see it through, no matter what.

I also believe that our destiny is never fulfilled on the saftey of the shoreline, that if we are ever going to walk in our purpose and assignment, we must leave the safety and security of the shoreline and go to the deep waters where our God and our destiny await us.    
"Empires will be birthed on my God Made Millionaire Dream Activation Coaching Calls!" - TC Bradley

There really is a DESPERATE need for affordable one of one coaching that does not cost someone tens of thousands of dollars, especially when a 2 or 3 coaching calls  can provide the needed guidance and inspiration needed to activate your God-given dream. 

How do I know this?

It is the number 1 request that I receive each week.

People are frustrated becasue they know that God has called them to play big but they are stuck on the shoreline.

They need someone to come along beside them and see what they cannot see, but what really are their options? 

Nothing is more frustrating to have the burning desire, but no clarity and no focus, and not knowing where to start, or how to start.

Often times, it is the simpliest of shifts that will get you on your way to activating that God given dream.

God cannot and will not over ride bad marketing and or poorly executed business plans and strategies.

A farmer can pray to God to bless his fields but there is nothing God can do if that same farmer has not prepared the ground for the seed, and also has all the seed sitting in his barn.

His marketing strategy is to pray for God to bless his fields with a supernatural harvest.

Sounds silly right? 

But how many entreprenuers today are like that farmer?

Asking God to bless their field but have not prepared the ground, or have the wrong strategy to bring in the harvest? 

Successful farmers work the ground and have a proven successful strategic plan to results in a harvest with 100% certainity.       

Faith based entreprenuers often have the dream, but not the "know how" or guidence and insights to properly execute that dream.

So they come up with wrong pricing, and or wrong marketing strategies, and post their business on the free social media networks and then wonder why their business is not successful and prosperous.

It is almost like someone today that decides to start seelng cassette tapes so they open up a retail store and then pray for God to bless their business. 

They need help....and that is where my God Made Millionaire Dream Activation program comes in.  

My God Made Millionaire Dream activation program solves this issue for those that want 1 on 1 guidance and insights WITHOUT breaking the bank.

This is a very limited-time offer, especially at these prices.

This is your moment.

For a limited time, you can schedule a personal (2) 60 minute coaching calls with TC Bradley for $3,500 

Or (3) 60 minute coaching calls for $4,500. (The BEST Value)

The process is simple.

The first call will be you and I discussing your God given dream, specifcally geared towards steps you need to take to activate your God given dream and go the next level.

The second call will be scheduled 2-4 weeks afterwards for followup and to answer any questions that you forgot to ask in the first call.
Each call will be recorded for you.

To be clear, this is NOT a group coaching call.

This is a private one one one call with me personally.

I firmly believe that I can have much GREATER impact with you in 60 minutes than most high priced, year long, group coaching calls can ever dream of having.

Actually, it's not even close.

That personal, focused attention is a difference maker.

There are levels to the activating your Destiny, and if you want to go to another level, it might be a good idea to speak with someone that is at that level now. 

God given dreams will be activated on these calls. 

I fully expect that a good portion of those 1,000 God Made Millionaires will come out of these dream activation calls.

That is really not a big faith statement on my part.

Listen, I realize other leaders are charging people as high as $25,000 for 1 hour of their time. (jaw dropping I know, but true.)

If anyone could legitimately charge that price, I could.

I have the documented track record.

I have the results, not only for myself, but for my clients as well.

For now, I am doing a beta test with this program with these super low prices to help out as many people as I can, for as long as I can.

I want continue to offer this program for as long as I can, but the reality is that I am already very busy with a nationally syndicated television show and running my business, so I am restricting  the number of clients that I will work with on a monthly basis, so I expect there to be a waiting list for this program, and yes, you will pre-pay to get placed on that waiting list.

Currently, there is no waiting list and your first call will be scheduled within 10-14 business days after your payment is processed. 

This calls will occur late afternoon and early evening.     

I know we are coming thru some tough times with these global pandemic and I want to serve those that are serious, committed, and decisive about activating their God given dream.

My heart is for my God's people and I actually am very gifted in empowering Gods people to activate their God given dream. 

I have always seen what others cannot see for themselves.

I firmly believe that you are 1 instruction away from activating your God-given dream and It is my desire to provide that instruction or inspiration that you need to do that at a more than fair price.

$3,500 over the course of of 1 year is $9.58 a day.

$9.58 a day.

Now if I asked you if  activating your God given dream was worth $9.58, I think I know what your answer would be.

I know my hand is raised and I am saying, "Yes, it is!"  

So really anyone with an internet connection, can make take advantage of this program, if  you are inspired to do so.

Here is what I know.

God never consults our bank account or calender when he calls us to do anything.

That will not change.

I seriously doubt the timing is perfect for you at this moment but the reality is that the timing will never be perfect.

The other thing, I know is that we tend to be very resourceful when we want to do something.

If God is calling you to do this program with me, then I want you here.

It is my responsiblity to take you to the deep end.    

This is your moment.

I want you to activate that God given dream and then one day, come on my televsion show and inspire the Nations with your story.

That will be a very powerful moment for both of us.

The time for playing it safe on the shoreline is over.

The DEEP waters are calling you.

TC Bradley

P.s If this message resonates with your spirit, it is necesarry and essential that you don't allow that "Lil Fat Man On Your Shoulders" to whisper in your ear and talk you out of your destiny!

This is YOUR moment. 

You are NOt here by accident.

Be Courageous!


Be Decisive!       

P.s.s. Do you know why most people do not walk in their assigment and purose?

They simply feel that they don't deserve, success and prosperity...well, I am here to tell you that you do deserve it.

Not only do you deserve it but I believe in you.

Don't ever let anyone talk you off of your giftings or assignment.

Not ever. 

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J. Brian Pearson

Diversity Speaker And Police Chief 
Kelvin Waites


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I do not hide this fact in my small print.

I have a lifetime legacy of delivering POWERFUL books, training programs, and publishing and media services, that have had a HUGE impact on so many lives. 

If a refund policy is important to you, then please do not order this program. .

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